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Airwheel M3 Pro Electric Skateboards Complete

Objet : Airwheel M3 Pro Electric Skateboards Complete
par scooterlov sur 09/10/2015 08:22:06

The last one is M3, which is as the same as skateboard without a carful observation. At the first sight, it really makes me call up my childhood. Play the skateboard with friends in different pavements like flat road, steep mountain road or slopes.
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Although it brought me endless joy, the tires were often worn out since its low quality. However, M3, a wireless remote control skateboard with high-quality tires provided by Cheng Shin Tire is rather durable.
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It offers us a strong backing to challenge the limit. By reason that its driving force is from battery, it can climb up to slopes easily compared with the traditional skateboard. With its better skid resistance, it’s a good chance to try what you want. Among those four products, M3 is my favorite.

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